Thursday, July 30, 2009

SimCAT 1: Ghanchakkar Perfrormance

PS : I am partially drunk while writing this post,high on Coca Cola .

PPS : No Cheers !!

Paper Analysis:-
The easiest VA and DI sets i would have ever seen,and i still managed to screw up both.
(ab to hadd hi ho gyi yaar)

QA was one of the most difficult ones,IMS guys were able to make it more difficult than TIME,
and that is i think one of the reasons i was able to clear the cut-off in it

How i wasted and will always be embarrassed of those 150 minutes ?

Well long story short,started the paper very happily,
thinking that i have been able to crack the algorithm to clear all the sectional cut-offs.
But as they say : "dude its CAT ! "
who are "they" ?

But Khuda ko kuch aur hi manzoor tha,
pata nahi shayad wo din hi manhoos tha.

How everything went into pieces:
Started off with RC solved one RC and attempted a couple of VA questions,
obviously its not about solving large no. of questions,but about accuracy even if the attempts are very low.
(What i learned : This is Not always true!...LoL)
Now 25 mins were over and i felt that i should better head off to DI,

During the entire paper i thought that DI was difficult and again
Low attempts - High Accuracy shall rule,
"Sob !"
Now 75 mins had gone,it was Half Time.
Time to go for the kill- Quants !
(My Strongest Section, always true)
I will always be thankful to IMS for making such a difficult Quants section,
Automatically it was again like:
Low attempts - High Accuracy shall rule,
Coz if it would have been easier then i would have to solve many more questions,
which i did not,had to just attempted 8 simple questions.
It was all about looking for Sitters.
(all my friends did more questions,and they payed ha ha ha ha!!)

Now approx. 20 minutes left and still VA left to solve,now under such circumstances no one would consider solving RC as an option,hence had to solve Verbal in less time and accuracy gone for a toss !!

Scores : "Not Worth Sharing"

%ile : "Jane bhi do yaron,Jaan kar kya karoge"

Way Ahead :
Now after this kind of performance i needed something to satisfy myself,
And the answer lied in AimCAT 1016 by TIME,which coincidentally was on the very same day,
I took the question paper from one of my friend and solved it with a new algorithm :
"Sticking to the Basics - No time for experimentation"

Well this was the same algorithm which i applied in SimCAT Zero and got 95.12 %ile.
Now the results of the 1016 is out and i have managed to clear all the cut-offs,but can't be confident enough,took the test at Home and not under some official Proctored environment,obviously the scores will vary under different circumstances.
(Environmental conditions like Temperature,Atmospheric pressure and humidity also play a crucial role,
Mind It !)

[The season has just begun...]

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