Sunday, August 2, 2009

CL Proc Mock 3 : Regained lost touch

All thanks to Career Launcher,for coming up with an online test when i needed it the most.
The results are nowhere at par with the requisite score one must have in order to hope for any kind of scope into getting into one of the seven IIMs,but am still happy with my performance,given the fact,how i had screwed up my previous IMS mock (SimCAT 1) with my senseless experimentation.

But that does not mean the era of experimentation has gone forever,
the next Mock will see me experimenting even more than what i did in Sim1.

Here is what the CL Percentile Predictor says :
CL Proc mock 3 Percentile Predictor

Not Happy - Not Sad,
quite like in an ambivalent state,
planning to make the things further accelerate,

Not a time to pretend as the best or worst,
With thrust and thrust,
Time to quench the deeper thirst.

-- Yours Truly

[The season has just begun...]

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