Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mocking August

Month of August is about to end,and yes am aware about my absence on this blog,

A lot of stuff happened this month,and they say : "Season has just begun".
[Seriously dude,who are they,
well no one that's just me.]

The same me who at this point of time in love with Schrodinger's CAT,
not because am a Cat person,fact is am a dog person,but more on that later.

Currently enrolled in following test series :
CL Proc mocks
PT Prac CATs

There is nothing much to discuss about IMS though,they do not deserve a mention,a whole month has gone,and no test so far,c'mon give me a chance to improve on my Ghanchakkar Performance.
I am pretty sure I can do things better,but am done writing about them,they simply do not deserve a mention.

TIME and CL people are simply idiots,no not because their test series ain't good,infact their test series is awesome.But there is something,me and my friends know about,and you here reading this post don't know and that something is what make them idiota.

by the way,btw,i got their whole series at an almost free cost, but that's something comprehensive,and i expect you wont tell these idiots that i got their test series officially at
Rs 100 (CL-original cost Rs 2000) and
Rs 300 (TIME-original cost Rs 2500).
Totally nailing it.

PT Pracs are good,but they dont have that much of competition,though they are offering the whole test series at a take away price of Rs 99. (PS :no fraud here),but only some 13k to 14k people in whole of India take these tests.Even if some people say that the battle field in PT test is not competitive enough,but who cares when you get all the 10 tests for just Rs 99, and what adds most to the value is the online CBT test practice one gets.
(off topic: by the way,the Receptionist at the PT desk is kind of cute.)

In all the month had me giving 1 CL mock (twice), 2 TIME AimCATs (1015&1014), 2 PT Pracs.
following my report of the August in the next post,
which will be followed by another post (i hope so), before we see September.

And they say...

[The season has just begun...]

Sunday, August 2, 2009

CL Proc Mock 3 : Regained lost touch

All thanks to Career Launcher,for coming up with an online test when i needed it the most.
The results are nowhere at par with the requisite score one must have in order to hope for any kind of scope into getting into one of the seven IIMs,but am still happy with my performance,given the fact,how i had screwed up my previous IMS mock (SimCAT 1) with my senseless experimentation.

But that does not mean the era of experimentation has gone forever,
the next Mock will see me experimenting even more than what i did in Sim1.

Here is what the CL Percentile Predictor says :
CL Proc mock 3 Percentile Predictor

Not Happy - Not Sad,
quite like in an ambivalent state,
planning to make the things further accelerate,

Not a time to pretend as the best or worst,
With thrust and thrust,
Time to quench the deeper thirst.

-- Yours Truly

[The season has just begun...]