Monday, July 20, 2009

Verbal Shots

As in my previous post i had mentioned about the new Mentor and the POA thing,now it seems they want me to regularly practice the IMS word list.

Target: "30 words a day"
"That's Extreme " is what i thought when i heard this target for first.

Plan :
For the next few days its going to be only the alphabets "E-X-T-R-E-M-E" that i will be doing.
This kind of a plan will be implemented on a weekly basis,with change of alphabets,they say its always good to keep knowing words as in mystery than to cram the word list in alphabetical order,so they say :)

The Word list "Lexicon" from IMS is quite a big and exhaustive study material having 3500 words (approx.),
It also covers many Supplementary lists:
Frequently Misspelled Words,
Prefix and Suffix list,
Foreign terms in English,
And many special lists for -Manias,-Phobias,Animal terms,Economic terms etc. etc. etc.

Lets see how that helps...more to follow !!

[The season has just begun...]

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