Friday, July 10, 2009

Recess from Recession

The day started usual,read a few editorials from the Hindu, just in order to keep myself at bay from the regular "YADA YADA" of the other newspapers,and then headed off to read the news on the Internet,and then i came across this particular news, a news of everyone's interest.

"The International Monetary Fund’s latest forecast upgrades its global economic growth predictions for next year by 0.5% from its predictions three months ago, but warns that the pace of recovery remains uncertain."

Hell yes!! finally the economy is coming out of recession, well of course it will take some time for an overall settlement or more precisely put as "creation of balance in the global economies,"but the good news that stays at the top is the tough times are about to be over.

Well if u are "still" employed this news is like Christmas,the layoffs which tormented the lives more fiercely than any cyclone are to be reduced by the issue of this report. (Fingers Crossed)
In times of crisis companies appear to be cutting back even on false hopes of career progression.

A Strip from the Dilbert clearly signifies how difficult it has been for those which are "still" employed,forget the promotions:
"Who needs shelter, food or health care? We should be happy to have a job."

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