Friday, June 5, 2009

Is this vedic mathematics?

Is this vedic mathematics? !@!#!@#$#%^%^%

Time and again,the age old rules of mathematical operations have contributed to the field of mathematics and science,but those who know me would be aware that for me,it is the most detestable and abhorrent thing,

Let me make this very clear that I am not against what Rishis and Munis did in that era,they were the Newton's and Galileo of those days,also I am not undermining the contribution of vedic system of mathematics,its just the "Kalyug's" 21st century preaching of vedic maths is what making the heckles rise.

What the Rishi's did was they established their own system of mathematics,and they wanted this system to develop,not just pass from one generation to another.

"Being Indian doesn't compels me in anyway to love the vedic's way of mathematics."

It is of utmost importance to anyone who follows or will follow this system,that they are aware of not just the tricks but also how the tricks enabled them to reach the solution i.e. they should be able to justify these tricks,may be via proofs not just be examples.

For CAT takers :
I personally do not recommend anyone doing the vedic or any other shortcut way of multiplication and/or for any other arithmetic operations ,

Yes i am aware DI involves a lot of calculations,but if these "non-conventional" methods are not applied properly,these may lead to incorrect answers, also an important parameter wil be that it will make you awry of the usual routine practices of calculations and this will be a major factor in losing marks in the Quants section,
and I continue to believe that we all are comfortable with Mathematical Tables upto 20,
if yes then the rest of the tricks are just CRAP !!,
so no need of these in CAT or other "good" Management entrance examinations.

Some will say that "a minute saved is a minute earned",but let us put this into the perspective,
how much time will this save and how much minutes will it waste.

[Just a humble and honest opinion.]
[There are too many prophets here...]

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