Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finding my lost Chi

The reason why it took me a long long time to post anything about my CAT preparation mocks is that the scores and %iles were not even worth mentioning- when u see yourself falling into pit from 95% to 55%ile, it gets crazy.

Seen a Japanese movie, they say something about Chi - if u have it correct and can control it well, nothing defeats you. As it seems finding that Chi is the most important task for me right now. I guess i have found some part of it, but still a lot is unknown.
Its like a DI whose answer "cannot be determined".

Just remember 1 thing - " every paper starts with marks ZERO".
Don't ask me what this means,
Of course its a basic fact and am not a monk who can create some fuzzy looking logic for you,
If you understand what this means then good for you,else u will just continue to survive.

"Learning from the mistakes of past and that of the success of present is essential to generate success for the future."

Now thankfully am back onto the right track,(i guess)
Just need to concentrate and
Keep the fuel within burning.

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