Tuesday, September 8, 2009

F- 99 Resignation Letter

Thing of past :
Winter-2008 was spent in forming a group of engineering students, BLT racing
(obviously the original name wont be revealed).

Objective : Build an F-1 car,compete at an international platform,
Personally speaking,I didn't care about the success,
coz u put your dedication and hard work, and the success follows,

Moreover, girls like mech. engineers,(pun intended)

But due to certain unavoidable circumstance i had to leave the team.

Here is my resignation letter, which i had drafted for the same purpose.
Though it never reached the desk of the other team members,but after less than a month,
On my birthday,the Captain of the team gave me all the freedom i wanted. (yay !)

" Signing off in a style :

To the team BLT racing,

Considering the enormous peer pressure and workload,i have decided that I can not continue as a member of the team.
I regret to inform you that I’m leaving the BLT racing team/group.

I have enjoyed working with everyone and have learned a great deal.
Its just that the work didn't ranked higher in my order of priorities.
Please be informed that I am resigning as of 6th June,2009.

With this mail I am also attaching the Ansys (.dbb) file,which will help the team to continue working in the project.

BLT racing was a dream project for me,but unfortunately the things didn't work out.
If u need any help,don't be embarrassed,feel free to ask.

PS : Today' team meeting (which i could not attend) and the "Dilbert strip" helped me in arriving at this decision,
The group is already full of talented people and i am certain that the group will achieve success.
There is no point in working if u are uncertain/unwilling.
So i call it a day.

PPS: All the details and drawings will stay confidential with me,
Please be assured that these details(if any) will not be disclosed to others.

[Some random blah blah here]

PPPS : Mr. Joy Sharma, Director & CEO – M/s. Hotrod Autotech Pvt.Ltd. will be coming for an IEEE event.
Rest is up to the team to contemplate.

[again some blah blah]

Good Luck to all !!

No more Sorrows :)
Gone Numb :)

dextermanky [that's right] "

PPS : the views written above are completely the views of the author.
One is not supposed to assume/follow anything against the BLT group.
Its a group of talented people,and am gald i had an opp0rtunity to work with them.
The experience and knowledge i gained working with the team is unfathomable.

PPS : anything written above in not to demean the BLT group,
Even without my presence the team has been able to reach heights which i even hadn't dreamed about.
And i respect them for the same.


Things of past...
i don't want the things of past...,they haunt a lot...
they say the history repeats itself...
why it does so...
i dont understand....

-- Yours Truly


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