Thursday, September 3, 2009

Got Placed : Futures First

That's right,your's truly got a job: i got placed
Date of Placement : 30th August,2009

It was a rainy day,was supposed to reach NSIT by 8:30 in the morning, and with such a heavy rain,it felt like an uphill task. Ofcourse there was no way i would have let the rain spoil the plans and/or my formal interview dress.
It was 7:00 Am and it was raining outside,
Papa saying it loud, "aaj late ho jayega,paper chut jayega"
This company was important for me,for it wasn't just testing me as a general candidate but it also tested my abilities,particularly which sets me apart from others.
"Dress kharab ho jayegi",said papa.
"Rain suit pehen leta hun",was my reply and ofcourse the only alternative.
"Jaldi ja,humein bhi ashram jana hai",mummy ordered.
It was difficult to wear that rain suit over my formal dress,but with little help frm mamma it wasnt a problem.

7:30Am,boarded the metro from Yamuna Bank Metro Station,
It was a usual morning but with some unusual promises it behold for me,was quite confident for the first test.

The reason for my confidence : see let me put it very plainly :
'Its easier to give birth to another set of Einstein or Galelio,but difficult to beat me in calculations'
And the first paper was just a 6 minute test having 40 questions,how it went,read further to know .

8:25 Am,VK called :
VK : " Sharma Ji,kahan pahun gye ?"
MS : "Main abhi metro mein hun...tu pahunch gya kya"
VK : " Haan par abhi koi aaya hi nahi.."
MS: " barish mein shayad 10-15mins late aayenge.."
VK: " Main to kehta hun,koi bhi na aye" (PS : I made this up)

VK kabhi kabhi Vinod khera,he is a gr8 friend,and this day wouldn't have been that awsome if he wouldn't have been by my side,till the end. (I owe u dude !)

8:35Am,Met Prateek Dudeja,a handshake and were good to go..
PD : " wah kya formals hain ! LOL"
actually i was wearing my formal shirt with my Rain Suit pyajamas.
MS : " LOL"
PD: " tu inhi shoes mein paper dega ??? "
MS: " WTF ! i fogot to bring my formal shoes"
MS Mind : " yaar jiska paper clear nahi hoga usse maang lunga"
actually was very much sure,no one can beat me in the first paper.

Got in an Auto,me and PD reached the Campus by 8:45,there were many students waiting for the procedure to begin.I just chanced my clothes,combed my hair and was ready for the PPT presentation by the company.

approx. 9:10 Am, the ppt began,followed by queries and clarifications and what not,both from the students and FF recruiting staff.

approx 9:30 Am,after the ppt it was time for the most interesting test of my life,40 questions in 6 mins.
obviously they had to be simple,even the cutoff in DCE was around 21-22.
VK was with me before the paper began,and when it started everyone was running into their own world,360 seconds and 40questions when thats the figure things can go insane !
but thankfully that wasnt the case,after approx.5 mins,one of the persons frm FF said
"45 secons left"
My reaction: "ben***",
i was already sure that i had cleared the cutoff,but i was chasing something bigger than that,the target was to make a new record for FF or atleast be the topper in NSIT.
The more i am sure that i missed the record,i am equally sure that i was the highest scorer.

9:36Am :
VK: smiling in a confused manner
MS: (almost breathless)"Kitne kiye ?".
VK: "22 ke aas-pass,..tune?"
MS: (confident,but still finding breath) "31" !
VK: "31 ? tera ho gya bhai..."
MS: "bus sahi hone chahiyein"
VK: "o,tera ho gya.."

Meet my other frnd Raman Bharihoke,a laconic person.
Raman: "Kaisa gya?"
VK : "22 ke aas-pass..tune?"
Raman: "17"
VK: "kafi kum kiye hain,mushkil hoga paar karna cut-off"
Raman: "haan,pata hai,beech mein fas gya tha..."
VK: " MS did 31"
Raman: "wah yaar,MS tera ho gya clear..."

An Announcement in Audi : "Results would be declared after 45 mins"

went to Raman's den: his room in BH1,
MS : "yaar resume ke print nikalne hain"
VK : "abe,karwa ke nahi laya"
MS: " nahi !"
VK : "BH2 se karwa le"
went to BH2,but the shop was closed,thank god i had an extra pair of resumes.
but they weren't the resumes i had planned for submission,will discuss that later.

In the hostel,we watched a weird-scary horror movie,HOSTEL !
why the hell VK showed that movie ,still remains a secret,
was that part of some strategy by VK ????
chad yaar dost hai apna..jaan lega kya ?

Had my breakfast in Raman's room,Allo ke paranthe,were precious coz i didn't anything for the next 8 hours.

VK: " sahi bata rha hun MS,teri story ban rhi hai...tu aaj le ke hi ja naukri"
"bada hoke bachon ko sunayio...."
"Rainy day tha,na mere pass resume tha na mere dhang ke shoes the....bata rha hun teri mast story ban rhi hai"

MS and Raman : grinning

10:45Am : Results for first test is out
Only 35selected for next round,only 3 from MPAE : Me(MS) , VK and Prateek Srivastav.
It was sad that Raman couldn't clear the test.

11:15 Am : Next test "Aptitude Test" begins,having 30 questions to be solved in 30 minutes.
Did around 14-15 questions in the paper,thought it to be a complete disaster.
Was sure the journey with FF ends,but it wasn't what the BIG brother had planned,
VK: (as usual) "tera ho jayega,bataya na..story chal rhi hai..."
MS: (as usual) "yaar kam attempt kiye hain"

12:15 Am : Results for next round were out and only 11 were selected for the 1st round of interviews.
Only 2 from MPAE now,Me and VK.
Prateek Srivastav could not make it to next round.

Me and VK were consecutive for interviews calls,
How it went...
you might wanna know about it ?

Follow up in next post.....


  1. Congrats for your first placement...nice post .. :)
    all the best !!

  2. Congrats man. I'm sure it will be great working at Futures First. I have also been shortlisted for an interview with Futures First from Bangalore. This post of yours was of great help. Waiting for your next. Thanks!

  3. nice read...i m anxiously waiting 4 ur next post regarding futures first interview questions...when will u update that...

  4. hi could you please tell your interview experience
    and what type of CALCULATION question came during 6 min test can you elaborate more on this?as FF is visiting our campus very soon

  5. congrats man...and nice post too

    Could you please tell me what kind of questions were asked in the 6min test?

  6. hey, can u plz tell which type of questions r there in the 6 min wud be of gr8 help

  7. i/v experience plzzzzzzzzz

  8. Wonderful Buddy !

    Am sure you must be smiling every time you go through these pages :)

  9. hey .. what questions were there in the first 6 minutes??

  10. hi what sort of questions were asked in the first and second aptitude. please dude tell us

  11. dude..i passed out lps in '07..close enough..and congrats!!

  12. heyy..plzz tell us what sort of questions were there in the first 6min round..??

  13. dude help us with the questions of the first test..FF is visiting my campus on 9th september..i really need to know dis..thanks..

  14. sir ff visiting nsit on 31st...plz tell us more abt the typeof questions to be encounterd during the first and second aptitude soon as possible...

    IT 4th Yr

  15. ff is visiting on 1st of

  16. hey please tell me what sort of questions were there in the 6 minutes test and 30 minutest test
    please reply as soon as possible
    thnx in advance
    and congrats for placement
    please help me i might be your colleague

  17. na moddakudavara lavadaga....:-)


  18. hey guyzz i have been placed with futures first through campus recruitment from SRCC,delhi this september :)

  19. good post.very the next one son i m looking forward..thnks.:)

  20. Hey congrats for your job!!.But could you tell me what were the questions they asked in 6 minutes.

  21. i passed out lps in 2008 and presently i am in b.e. 4th year @DCE. today we had FF in the campus. the speed test (5 min - 30 ques) was very easy. i got stuck in one of the question and still manage to get 21 correct. the questions were simple bodmas arithmetic calculation based (like 22% of 222 = ?). cutoff was around 14-15 with highest score as 23. the procedure is fairly easy and simple one (i intentionally screwed quant round because trading was not my cup of tea) and its a very good company for people aiming to be a trader.


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