Monday, May 11, 2009

My Robotics Exam

Subject : Robotics and CAM I
Date : 11 May,2009

I love robotics

One of the first few things,which i was made aware of, when i joined engineering was that some day we would imbibe the great knowledge of working with Robots,the language of robotics and etc. This I call as the the "Automation factor",some kind of a "placebo effect".
The wait was big enough,...two and a half years.

But i was still happy with the belief that the knowledge would be given in the most effective way,that i will do the best of my hard work and all this wait would be nothing compared to the happiness that i will attain,but things never went the way they were expected to.

There are days,when the dreams of many are shattered,all the beliefs and hopes are smashed and hit hard at,yes today was "that" kind of a day, this feeling was always there when i attended this lecture and also when i gave my mid term exam.

No,the subject is not tough to study, humans have and will continue to study it,so will I.

Now about the examination :
The paper was designed in a really awkward manner,the level of difficulty was not taken care about for all the questions,few questions were like which were really really silly and easy and then there were questions who were relatively of a much higher difficulty level. And guess what ,both kind of questions were worth the same score.

How the paper went for me :
From my previous lines it would have already been clear that i didn't fair well,but that is not the fact,actually it was the same varying level of difficulty which saved me, and must would have saved many other students.
But still the paper continues to be the most awkwardly set paper i have seen.

Lets hope for the best.
Exams have come and blogging has begun.

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